I am proud to introduce the next series in the Xenton Chronicles Universe, Beyond the Chronicles. This series will tell the many stories of the Xenton in-between their books. From a half human-half demon ally, to an ice cold new villain whose trying to destroy Christmas. Meet new heroes, a plethora of new villains, and learn how the Xenton became the greatest heroes of all time before their final battle. 

bOOK 1


Something Evil is Lurking in the Shadows This Halloween.


Something strange is happening in Beach Shores. With Halloween quickly approaching, a witch begins to cause a bit of mayhem. Who is she and what is she looking for? Of course, only our heroes have the power to stop her.

To further complicate things, a boy in Dye’s class is claiming to be the son of a Demon Prime from Hell, but can he truly be trusted? With all the strangeness happening around them, the Xenton can only conclude that something big will be going down Halloween Night.

An interlude story set within the Jenshia Star; our heroes are coming to terms with being Xenton after of saving the city from Griflore. After a cataclysmic battle with the Xenton, Griflore has gone into hiding, leaving Dye and his siblings, Jason and Sam, to wonder if he will ever return.

Can our heroes stop another catastrophe before it even happens, or will the fires of Hell consume the world?

Get your hands on this spooky read this Halloween!



She’s Making A List...

Checking it twice...

Doing Things To Be Naughty And Not Nice! 


The Invasion of the Coalts is over. The city of Beach Shores and the world are mending its wounds and getting back to a steady life. Christmas is only a week away, but when a new breed of human called Enhanced Humans begin appearing all over the world, things begin to spin out of control.

As a result, tension between the public and Enhanced Humans are growing as some Enhanced Humans begin using their abilities to take to a life of crime. When an Enhanced Human calling herself Frostbite begins terrorizing the city, it’s up to the Xenton to halt her crime spree. But the Enhanced Human has a few tricks up her sleeve that'll leave the Xenton frozen. Who is behind the mask and why are they causing so much harm?

Can the Xenton stop Frostbite before she buries the city under a thick blanket of snow? Or will Christmas have to be cancelled this year? 

Find out as we unveil the next installment in Beyond the Chronicles Novella Series, Frostbite.

book 2